Miss Virginia sweetFrog CMNH fundraiser

The Miss Virginia CMNH fundraiser sponsored by sweetFrog was a huge success. I want to challenge all of the workers-Miss, teen, and princess -to post something special that happened that night, and how the MIss Virginia Organization was used to reach out and do something special for others and in turn be a blessing to the CMNH. Post anything you wish. A special thought, something that happened, something that brought a smile to someone’s face, or simply how good it felt to do something for someone else. I can’t wait to read your post.

2 thoughts on “Miss Virginia sweetFrog CMNH fundraiser

  1. The Sweet Frog that I went to warmed my heart. A deaf, disabled, homeless man with a Sweet Frog hat on, entered multiple times and the manager filled his water bottle for him and told him to have a blessed day. That is going above and beyond what is expected of any employee and embodies the true meaning of community. It was incredible to watch!

  2. My Sweetfrog experience was amazing due to my wonderful friends that came out to support. I truly believe that doing service in the community has helped discredit the stigmas toward pageantry. Now I’m so fortunate that a few of my friends who took time from their day are aware of the things this organization stands for.

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